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Birthdate:Dec 26
.::. I'm a gianormous fangirly spazz who perseverates on any number of teevee shows and a couple of actors/actresses at any given time. But I promise that those aren't the only things I talk about. I'm also a huge geek and booknerd.

.::. I expect everyone who reads my journal to keep their mouths shut about what is contained therein. I don't yap to strangers about what you friendslock. You will not talk to others about my private thoughts. And. Never bitch at me about something that I express. This is my journal. It is my business. It's for my benefit and to communicate with/relay things to my friends; it is not for your comfort. Be nice and we'll all get along juuust fine.

.::. I'm 5'10", blue-eyed, and have red hair past my hips. Bespectacled. So pale that I practically glow in the dark and I like me that way. Kinky streak a mile wide. Pretty socially inept, painfully shy, and extremely skittish. I have Jewish heritage that my other relatives seem to have cheerfully swept under the rug. I've identified as Dianic for 17 years (Nov '11). I'm a lesbian. No real relation between the two. Not a manhater. I like a good many men. Just not the floppy bits. I can appreciate gorgeous whatever the gender. That I'm extremely liberal shouldn't come as a surprise. I am pro-choice and pro-same sex marriage. Bigoted against any of the above? You should probably run along right now, because I can pretty much guarantee that we will not get along. I have zero tolerance for racists, homophobes, religious superiorists, and bigots in general. I'm a poor uni student who has tentative plans to open a psych practice concentrating on adolescents and lgbt concerns, when I eventually (or, damn, if I ever) graduate.

.::. First and foremost, I'm a writer. I love words. I obsess over my characters, but I don't talk about them at length with anyone. I'm also recently a freelance writer, which seems to be killing my creativity, but whatever it takes, y'know? I'm also a poet and an artist in pretty much any medium you can throw at me. I tend to be pretty open about myself with some people, but paranoid and closed around most because of some Very Bad Things that occurred in the past. I'm unwaveringly loving and loyal but I most definitely fight for and defend my friends. I protect them fiercely because they are more my family than anyone of genetic similarity to me.

Thou Shalt Not Fuck With My Friends. You will not get away with it.

Interests (150):

abby sciuto, achluophobia, agnosticism, amber benson, amor vincit omnia, angelina jolie, anne of green gables, anti-bush, anti-theocracy, apocalypse fiction, asperger's syndrome, astrophysics, aziraphale/crowley, battlestar galactica, bones, boobie nuzzling, books, breakfast on pluto, breasts, bsg, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, candles, captain jack harkness, chiana, chocolate, cillian murphy, crackskittles, criminal minds, cult tv, david hewlett, david hewlett's heart-shaped ass, de lorean, dea ti ama, dianic, doctor who, dr jonathan crane, dr spencer reid, dragons, duncan/methos, eddie izzard, existenz, fairy lights, fantasy, farscape, feminism, firefly, forever knight, freedom of speech, fuck, gaelic, gay, gay marriage, gay rights, geeks, girls, girls in boys clothing, glasses, goddess, good omens, grant jansky, grimm's original fairy tales, gwen cooper, hair wreaths, harry potter, highlander, holly marie combs, homosexuality, hot tea, hypergraphia, hyperlexia, i'm batman, ianto jones, #farscape, japanese rope bondage, john barrowman, jonathan brandis, joss whedon, katee sackhoff, kissing, languages, lasagna tacos, lesbians, long hair, maharet, methos, metronomes, michelle rodriguez, mirc, nanowrimo, ncis, nighttime, nina simone, nothing but the rain, oversized sweaters, paganism, painting, pauley perrette, peter wingfield, photosensitivity, porphyria, princess charming, pro-choice, psychology, random acts of kindness, red dwarf, red hair, remus lupin, river tam, rodney mckay, sam malloy, same-sex marriage, science fiction, seaquest, serenity, sga, shiny things, sing the body electric, sirius/remus, spanking, starbuck, stargate atlantis, stimming, strawberries, tardis, that crowd, theology, theoretical physics, time machines, time travel, torchwood, traders, vampires, wales, watchers, water, welsh accents, willow/tara, women, women's rights, writing, writing on skin, xena, xeroderma pigmentosum, yemaya, zack addy, zombies, █♥█, , ♀+♀=♥
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